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Idan's Coin Collection

These are the Italian coins that were given to me by my relatives. I have never been to Italy myself.
20 Centisimi - 1920

Diameter: 2.7 cm

*This coin is also featured in the Oldest Coins page.
10 Lire - 1948

Diameter: 2.9 cm
10 Lire Aratro -1955
20 Lire
50 Lire - 1955 - On the front we find Vulcan (Hephaestus for the Greeks): the god of fire and metallurgy. Son of Zeus and Era, was the blacksmith of the gods. He worked under the volcanic island of Lemno (where his cult started). With his giant hammer and anvil he forged, with the help of the Cyclopes, wonderful things such as the Sun Chariot, Zeus' lightnings and sceptre, Achille's armour and Olimpus' buildings.
100 Lire- 1976 Special - On the front is Goddess of wisdom and arts, Minerva (Athena for the Greeks) holding an olive tree.
100 Lire- 1997 - On the front is a dolphin, an eagle, an olive branch and wheat
200 Lire - On the front there is an industrial gear, the Italian symbol of labour.
200 Lire-1981 World Food Day - The palace is Villa Lubin, the former International Agricultural Institute building. The woman is holding a cornucopia, symbol of abundance.
200 Lire - 1993 70th anniversary of Military Aviation On the front we can see the Military Aviation Emblem.
200 Lire-1996 100th anniversary of the Customs Service Academy - The two buildings are the Academy's building in Bergamo and the Royal Palace of Caserta. On the reverse the coin has the Academy's emblem, cadet's short sword and cap.
200 Lire-1997 Centennial Italian Naval League - The front represents the Italian Naval League seal.
500 Lire - This coin is the world’s first coin to be issued with Braille on the reverse!
500 Lire- 1998
1000 Lire - The new coin, struck from the beginning of September, was to celebrate the growing unification of Europe by showing a map of Europe. The map was made in a stylistic way; Denmark was shown as part of Germany.

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