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Idan's Coin Collection

These are the coins that celebrate something or commemorate something important about Canada's history or accomplishment. These were found in my pocket change.
CoinDescription# of extras for trade
The Centennial Penny - To celebrate Canada's hundredth birthday, Alex Colville created special designs for all coin denominations. The penny features a rock dove in flight.
The Centennial Nickel - To commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Confederation, Alex Colville created a special set of designs for all coin denominations. The five-cent coin features a hopping rabbit.
International Year of the Volunteer - Issued to honour the United Nation’s International Year of the Volunteer, the coin pays tribute to the achievements of the many millions of Canadian volunteers.
The RCMP Centennial - Paul Cederberg-the initials P.C. appear behind the horse-designed this coin to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The Poppy Coin - On October 21, 2004, The Royal Canadian Mint, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion, unveiled the world's first coloured circulation coin. The 25-cent coin features a red poppy, the symbol that pays homage to the 117,000 gallant Canadians who died in the service of the nation. Check out its website for lots of info on it..
The 125th anniversary of Confederation - Rita Swanson's design features three children with a Canadian flag on Parliament Hill, commemorating Canada's 125th birthday. Note the clock on the Peace Tower-it reads 1:25.
The National War Memorial coin - This design depicting the National War Memorial in Ottawa honours the contribution and sacrifice made by Canadian soldiers in both World Wars and the Korean war.
The peacekeeping coin - Highlighting Ottawa's Peacekeeping Monument, this coin commemorates the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, and pays tribute to the Canadians who have served as UN peacekeepers.
Nunavut - The Nunavut —1999 Millennium $2 circulation coin was launched in a special ceremony on Parliament Hill to mark the birth of the new territory, home to the Inuit people of Canada’s North. Inuit artist Germaine Arnaktauyok designed the new coin. The historic coin features the drum dance, an age-old Aboriginal ritual that remains central to Inuit culture in Nunavut today.
Lucky loonie - At the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, a loonie brought a stroke of good fortune to Canada when our men's and women's hockey teams skated to victory over a Lucky Loonie buried secretly beneath centre ice.

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