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Austria Coin Collection

These are the images of the actual coins that I have. I scanned these coins on my brother's scanner. The coins were given to me by my relatives.
FrontReverseName & YearDecription# of extras for trading
10 Groschen - 1978This is the only coin with the face value on both sides. The reverse shows the face value clearly with the inscription "10 Groschen"
50 Groschen - 1988The obverse bears the re-white-red shield of Austria encircled by "Republik Österreich"
1 Schilling - 1995The reverse has a delightful display of Edelweiss, the famous alpine flower.
10 Schilling - 1990The coin shows the head of a lady from the Wachau region along the Danube, wearing the famous golden bonnet of that district.

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